Tianjin Tools Research Institute Co., Ltd.

For more than 25 years, We have been manufacturing special purpose machinery Used to manufacture heat exchangers. We have taken the decision CTTR will now bring its range of products and services to the market under our own Brand.

We have a manufacturing plant in Tianjin China where we can supply a full range of Machinery, Fin Rolls and Tooling.


We offer a full Range of Fin Mills Core Builders and Associated Equipment and Tooling.

All Products are Manufactured to the Highest Quality Following ISO-9001 Standards.

We have the latest CMM, Video and JODON Measuring Equipment in Plant.


We Offer a Wide Range Of Solutions To Meet the Ever Increasing Demands of Our Global Customers.   

We Believe Innovation and Automation Are Key, Which is Why we Are Becoming a Market Leader in Industry.

We also Offer
Software Support
Design Service
Refurbishment of Old Equipment
Commissioning and Debugging
Machinery Upgrades
Service and Support Contracts
Spare Parts